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LysVoron, Inc. is an independent game studio founded in 2022 by two hardcore gamer friends.Over the years we have gained a lot of experience and developed our own personal vision of game design and mechanics.We love good gameplay in all genres. Our goal is to take a fresh look at turn-based tactical combat, not only in single-player or cooperative storylines, but also in multiplayer competitions. We want to create games that not only we, but the gaming community will enjoy playing.Finally, we want to develop our new and highly fascinating game universe.

Oct, 23

Since we have not found funding, the project is frozen indefinitely.

Jun, 23

We have just launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to raise money for the development of Alpha Tactics!

There is also a new trailer for the game's prototype!

Apr, 23

Cheers! A small open test of Alpha Tactics is finished. But there's still a lot to do... Soon we'll release a video preview of the game.

Jan, 23

The open beta test of the first version of the game is coming soon!

Dec, 22

Internal alpha testing of our game has started! There's still a lot to do, but we're on the right way.Here is a teaser celebrating the release of our new game in internal testing:

Oct, 22

We're almost done with the multiplayer system. We have a ton of bugs to fix, but soon we can launch the first closed alpha test.

Jul, 22

All right! We finished working on the main gameplay part! And now we're starting to develop the multiplayer for the main game modes.

Feb, 22

So development has started. The documentation is written. The engine and the rest of the services have been selected. Computers are set up. Now just go forward.

Jan, 22

Everything is done. We are going to start developing a real turn-based tactical strategy with action elements, but with online battles and for mobile devices. The first thing we need to do is to go over everything to the smallest detail. Write documentation and as much as possible to describe all the gameplay and even think about the story and a slightly describe the visual.

Alpha Tactics

Alpha Tactics is a unique combination of classic Turn-Based Tactical strategy with Action, RPG and 4X elements and modern competitive gaming concepts.

  • Classic Turn-Based Tactical strategy with a fresh take on game mechanics;

  • Thrilling Single-player campaign in a unique new Universe with the option to play in Co-op;

  • All of your in-game decisions and actions will determine the future of the Story and the Universe;

  • A wide variety of playable characters and equipment, and plenty of opportunities to create your own Builds;

  • An original visual style as well as a groovy SFX and music;

  • Classic and unique multiplayer modes, including Mass Battles and Alliance Wars;

  • Purely competitive gameplay;

  • Single account for all platforms including mobile, Cross-progression and Cross-play;

  • And much more...

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